Bald Patches 

Bald patches and bald spots appear on the head, what's the problem with that:

When bald spots and bald spots appear, it becomes more and more difficult to hide their hairstyle over time. If you want to keep hair as long as possible, feel confident in intimate communication. Do not be afraid that your partner will accidentally touch your hairstyle and see that your hair is not growing well, will consider you unattractive, defective or sick.

But There is a Solution:
Stimulation of blood circulation of the scalp and nutrition of hair follicles through head massage.
But fingers do not stimulate small follicles well

and if you're honest with yourself, sometimes you're too lazy to specifically allocate time for a head massage. Most people take a shower and run errands, or go to a beauty salon on purpose so that someone can do a massage, sometimes there is no time and it is expensive.
We offer Our Solution:
A brush for scalp massage in the shower

We still use shampoo in the shower, lather the head, distribute the product all over the head to wash off the sebaceous secretions and the head was fresh. Why not combine this process with a head massage with a special brush that will help to foam the shampoo, distribute it throughout the head and, due to the cone-shaped bristles, stimulates the blood circulation of small hair follicles.

Just 30 seconds of head massage with our brush while taking a shower and you stimulate the blood circulation of the scalp and nourish the hair follicles, which promotes hair growth and strengthening.

In addition, it is a pleasant process that gives tactile pleasure.

Look at the results of those who have already experienced the effect of head massage.

We offer different colors and shapes of brushes.